Premium Sports Mask

1 Premium Sports Mask
$60.00 USD$29.99 USD

Introducing a Sports Mask that gets the job done! The best part?This is a mask you can actually breath in! The even Better Part?! We offer Free USA Shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee; Stop wasting money on disposable mask and get the best mask on the market! If your looking for the most comfortable mask withmaximum protection your are in the right place!


Advanced Filtration

5 Layers of protection! Including an N99 activated carbon layer(designed to absorb chemical pollution). Each layer has a specific purpose. Giving you maximum protection.

Adjustable Nose

Easily adjust your mask with an adjustable nose clip. This ensures the mask has a snug grip to your face. Guaranteeing no unwanted particles get in the mask.

Two Way Air Valve

The condensing Film closes tightly during inhalation, and opens up upon exhaling. Allowing you to breath while still being protected from the elements.

Best Mask in the Market

kondooz mask pro is the best becasue it protects you from dangerous outdoor elements, while also allowing you to breath filtered air. With a 5 layer carbon activated filter you just cant go wrong.

  • FAQ
  • How Long Does Each Filter Last?
  • There is no exact time frame to which a filter last, because each person doesn't wear their mask at the same frequency. However, we recommend changing each filter every 3-4 weeks to ensure full effectiveness. Filters are white, when the color changes to a light brown that is a sure sign it needs to be changed.
  • Shipping Time? Returns?
  • Processing can take up to 5 business days. Due to limited employees because of covid-19 restrictions. However, typically we do same day processing. Delivery Typically takes only 3-7 days in USA. However, due to current events these times can be delayed up to 10 days. For Canada shipping is 7-20 Days. We have a hassle free return policy, if there is any problem with your mask email us at
  • How Do I Replace My Filter?
  • Replacement Filters can be ordered on this site., (check order form for more details). In addition, if you make a purchase of a mask, we have a filter subscription service. To ensure you always have fresh filters, without the hassle of having to place an order every month.
  • How Do I know The Mask Is Protecting me?
  • Our mask have been through extensive testing to ensure the Carbon Activated Filter system is keeping things like, air pollution, smoke, dust/debris, etc out of your lungs. In addition our mask are made with the highest quality Mesh Material which is why we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our Customer Review

I really never had confidence in companies on Facebook. I saw a lot of companies selling masks and this caught my attention because it came off professional. I was reluctant but I needed A mask so I took my chance. My mask came in just 4 days and I couldn't be happier! Not only did it come fast but the mask is actually very high quality, higher than I expected. Order The kondooz Sports Mask Pro and you wont regret it!

Zach, Satisfied Customer


1 Premium Sports Mask
$60.00 USD$29.99 USD

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What people are saying...

This mask is exactly what I've been looking for! Its stylish comfortable, and I feel overly protected. I have no worries of contracting anything whenever." 

"It has been so difficult for me to find a mask with everything going on! When I saw This company had 2 day shipping I thought it was a scam because masks are sold out everywhere. However with me working everyday and being on the front lines I had to take the chance. My mask came in just 1 day! The very next day I ordered 5 more for my family."

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