Adjustable Dog Car Safety Seat Belt



In a crash, a dog will often be badly injured as it sails through windows or into panels. Dogs who love to go for drives often jump into your lap and distract you while driving. There's nothing more important than keeping your dog safe!

Adjustable Dog Car Safety Seat Beltsafeguards your pet, is quick and easy to install, and allows them to move more freely without being confined to a rocky cage. Your dog can look out the window and enjoy the scenery without you worrying about him stretching too far, or he can lie down or sit comfortably without distracting you as you drive.


Features :

  • QUICK-FITTING:  clip to your dog's harness and insert the buckle end into the seat belt slot as usual.

  • EASY TO ADJUST :  simply adjust the length of the strap to ensure your pet can sit, lie down and move around comfortably
  • MINIMIZES DISTRACTIONS:   if your dog is safely buckled in you can concentrate on the road rather than worrying whether they're going to jump into the front or get stuck in the back footwell.
  • KEEP YOURSELF SAFE TOO:  even a minor shunt from behind could see your dog being thrown into the front seats, possibly injuring themselves, you & your passenger 
  • STURDY: made from durable nylon for peace of mind


Specifications :

  • Adjustable length: From 45 To 72 cm
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Made of high quality and durable nylon fabric
  • Colors: Black , Green , Pink , Sky Blue , Yellow

Package Includes :

  • 1 pc x Adjustable Dog Car Safety Seat Belt


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