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Automatic Water Absorb Flower Pot

This Automatic Flower Pot Allows You To Forget Watering For 2 Weeks!


Forgot to water your dying plants? This Automatic Water Absorb Flower Pot automatically waters plants for you!


Features :

  • ELEGANT DESIGNS : Simple and elegant hexagonal decor design! Can be used as home ornament topped with beautiful flowering plants on your desks, tables, and even in the office. 

  • FUSS-FREE PLANT MAINTENANCE : Easy plants re-potting! Simply add water and done! The plants can manage to grow lush on its own. 
  • WORRY NO MORE WITH YOUR PLANTS : It ensures enough supply of water needed so that plants can go without a caretaker for 2 weeks!
  • TOP GRADE QUALITY : made with a high-quality transparent plastic material that is noted for durability and strength. 

  • MULTI-USES : Perfect as an aquarium, too! Raise your favorite fish specie to compliment your beautiful flower in this wondrous pot. 


Specifications :

  • Material:Plastic
  • Style:Environmentally friendly, transparent
  • Size: S- 12*11cm, M-14*15cm, L-20*20cm


Package Includes :

  • 1 pc x Automatic Water Absorb Flower Pot


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