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Bean Sprouts Machine

Bean sprouts have been a traditional Asian ingredient for more than 5,000 years. To grow bean sprouts, seeds are sanitized, soaked, spread into large bins and placed in a controlled environment, where humidity, water, nutrients, gases and temperature and constantly monitored. Introducing, Bean Sprouts Machine fully automated equipment for larger growers and encompasses seed sanitation, growing, hulling, dewatering and other stages of the growing cycle.FEATURES:

  • Safety design:Water and electricity separation, don't worry about leakage.
  • Sprout in winter:3 temperature modes, you can sprout beans even the temperature in 41℉/5℃. Professional technology to make sure the seed sprouting in 2.5 days.
  • Automatic & Intelligence:Sprinkle water automatically and consistently to provide sufficient water to grow the sprouts.
  • 8 hours power-off memory:If the power supply is interrupted within 8 hours for changing water or other situations, the machine will continue working as long as power supply return to normal.
  • Healthy & Green:Made from food grade PP material, non-toxic & healthy.

 1 x Bean Sprouts Machine

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