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Stainless Steel Spout Set Pro (13 pcs)

Make piping fun again by using a new set of spouts that allows you the chance to be a lot more creative with your baked goods.



Having very limited baking tools to make your work of art stand out will never be an issue starting today. Allow yourself to explore more of what you can do with cakes and cupcakes once you have a new set of spouts that does more than just the typical piping tip.

  • Showcase more of your creativity through food
  • Impress adults and kids with your work
  • Gain more clients as a professional baker
  • Expand your list of pre-made cakes and cupcakes

Designing a cake or a cupcake is a work of art and, while most of it depends on your creativity, you still need the right tools to make the magic happen. These  Stainless Steel Spout Set  offers you more than what your typical piping tips can do. Bake, decorate, and impress as these new baking tools make you fall in love with creating art through food all over again.



  • Expand what you can do.
    Incorporate more designs using this set of unique spouts that allow you to do more with your cakes and cupcakes. Pipe out flowers in more than one color using the included silicone tri-color tip.

  • Save more time.
    Pipe out one full flower with one squeeze as the multi-hole spouts save you more time by not doing a flower petal per petal.

  • Quality that lasts.
    Each piece is made from the highest quality food grade stainless steel material you can keep and use for years to come.

  • Impressive variety.
    This 13-piece set of stainless steel spouts is unique. You'll have the ability to create a stunning icing garden on top of one cake and impress anyone who will see it.

  • Ideal present for bakers or aspiring bakers.
    Anyone who loves the idea of creating art through food will be delighted to receive this set as a gift from someone who knows what they are passionate about.




  • Material: Food grade stainless steel and silicone

  • Sizes: Large steel tip(40mmx40mm)/Small steel tip(35mmx20mm)/Tri-color tip(45mmx45mm

  • Comes with a cleaning brush



Ready your mixer, clean your baking trays, and preheat your oven because you will love the idea of decorating cakes and cupcakes again. Order the set today and have it delivered to you so you can finally start making the most beautiful desserts.

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