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Garden Pro Gloves with Claws

Plant, dig, and pull out weeds in the garden with one impressive tool that also keeps your hands protected.



Level up the way you tend to your garden using gloves that allow you the ability to make the most out of your hands. No more switching between tools just to get specific tasks done because this pair of revolutionary gloves is all you’ll ever need.

  • With these gloves, you can plant flowers, tend your vegetables, and dig out pesky weeds without getting your hands dirty.
  • a fully-coated palm for easy planting and raking.
  • Your hands stay protected from dirt and prickles.
  • Do manual garden work efficiently while staying comfortable.
  • do all this without sacrificing your joy.

Turn your hands into one very useful gardening tool that lets you efficiently plant, dig, and pull out weeds by simply wearing these Garden Pro Gloves with Claws.Wear them and you’re up for the most productive and convenient gardening experience of your life.


Highlighted Features:

  • Replace most of your tools with one feature.
    The durable ABS plastic claws attached to the gloves will allow you to do more with less. Something that you would never get with your typical gardening gloves.

  • Prevent cuts and blisters.
    The high quality waterproof and puncture resistant materials will provide you with utmost confidence that your hands are completely protected while tending to your greenery.

  • Comfortable through and through.
    Have the most blissful gardening day when you experience how these breathable gloves let you get the job done while staying super comfortable.

  • Will fit on any thumb, green or not.
    The flexible and stretchable material used to make these gloves will fit perfectly on anyone who wants to add their personal touch to their garden.

  • Ideal present.
    Let someone experience why this has been a favorite among gardeners by sending it to them as a gift.



  • Color: Black and Green

  • Material: 90% Latex 10% Nylon

  • ½ Wrist diameter: 7cm

  • ½ Palm diameter: 12cm


Join the thousands of people who have made the switch and experienced the difference when they used these gloves. Order today and start planning how you’ll level up your garden now that you have one of the most useful gardening tools out in the market today.

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