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Decal Eraser Wheel


Decal Eraser Wheel is specially designed for quick and easy removal of decals, vinyl pinstripes, bumper stickers, reflective tapes, etc., from glass and OEM painted surfaces without any damage. Also very effective in removing adhesive tapes and glue from the back of moldings.


  • Remove pinstriping, decals, glue, stickers, tapes, and other adhesives from metal, glass, wood, fiberglass & etc..
  • Won't damage the surface if properly used. Keep in mind that too much pressure in the same area could cause the rubber wheel to damage or stain that area. Please use appropriate pressure.
  • Simply mount the eraser in any drill that does not exceed 4,000 RPM (recommended speed is 3,500 to 4,000 rpm.) and safely remove all the old body striping in minutes. Unlike chemicals and solvents commonly used for this job, the soft wheel has a gentle finish.
  • Dramatically reduces time spent on removal of pinstripes, decal adhesive and double sided tape!


  • Let the wheel do the work, apply light pressure only
  • Start at the top of the decal and move side to side
  • For faster results, use entire width of the wheel, do not tilt on angle
  • Remove any residue with appropriate mild solvent

Package Includes: 1 x Decal Eraser Wheel

DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Type: Decal Eraser Wheel

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