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Detox Slimming Foot Patches with Sticky Cloth Remove Toxin

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Footpads have the property of draining and absorbing toxins accumulated in the body. For proper use, apply to the soles of your feet each evening, then remove on waking. It helps to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of illness, disease and removing harmful body toxins.

The excess moisture of the body and help expel excessive accumulation of heavy metals. These foot patches contain a combination of natural herbal substances known to eliminate the toxins we accumulate daily by our breathing and our diet.


  • Natural way to clean when you sleep:  Natural ingredients in this foot pads relieve pain and tension, promote deeper sleeping. Simply stick it underneath your foot before sleeping. Generally need 6 - 8 hours for full absorption to occur before removing the pads, help you to ensure deep sleep and lets you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Improve sleep quality: Detox footpad are stuck on the bottom of your feet and left there overnight, purportedly to draw out toxins, such as heavy metals. When you peel off the detox footpad in the morning, its darkened or discolored appearance supposedly reflects the toxins that have been removed from your body. 
  • Lightweight and portable: Improve sleep quality and autonomous regulation. Accumulated toxins from the body, radiation, To help reduce the burden of the lymphatic system.
  • Easy to use: The principle is very simple and it is very easy to use, we stick the patches under the feet before going to bed to let them act during sleep. 
  • Improve blood circulation: Improve your metabolism and purification of the lymphatic system and accelerate blood circulation.


  • Gross weight: 70g
  • Pads should be left in place for: 6 - 8 hours

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