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Foot Care Pads

Walk away from the excruciating discomfort you get when you wear high heels but still get every chance to strut in your favorite pumps.



Underneath the glitz and the sophisticated facets of designer shoes are the feelings of pain and discomfort from wearing them all night long. Imagine if one affordable, discreet, and reusable product can take away hours and hours of suffering from your feet. All with its amazing capacity to provide even distribution of pressure, greatly reducing ball-of-foot pain. And more...

  • Enhance the comfort level of wearing your favorite high heels
  • Prevent blisters, irritation, and discomfort
  • Eliminate the constricting feeling of squeezed toes
  • Dramatically reduce pain from calluses, corns, hallux valgus, and bunions

And the most notable benefit of them all…

You can achieve this level of comfort within seconds! All you have to do is wear them on your feet before your usual socks or footwear. And walk or dance the night away in your favorite shoes!



  • Built for comfort.
    Each pad is made from high-quality cotton which offers one purpose - to absorb shock with every step.

  • Designed with you in mind.
    The pads are designed with five holes each to separate your toes so they don’t squeeze each other inside your footwear.

  • Comfort mixed with sophistication.
    Slim enough to be discreet, the pads will allow you to flaunt your stylish footwear while still feeling super comfortable.

  • Impressive moisture absorption.
    The material absorbs sweat from your feet so you can walk confidently without feeling icky.

  • Easy to maintain.
    The cotton pads can be placed inside your washing machine and they’ll be ready to give you the comfort and foot cushion you need anytime.



  • Color: White/Black/Beige/Pink/Grey

  • Material: Cotton

  • Size: 8.5x9.5cm (made to fit all women’s feet)


You’ve been compromising comfort over style for far too long. And it’s time we end it! Order today and have it delivered straight to your door so you can finally purchase those high heels with so much confidence.

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