Fix Zip Puller (6 pcs)

Zipper broken? No problem! With this easy-to-use Fix Zip Puller, you can repair split zippers, broken sliders, and up to three missing zipper teeth!


Fix Zip Pullers are ingenious replacements that will save you Time and Money. The world’s first-ever instant solution for broken zippers. They simply snap over the bottom of broken zips to repair them in seconds – even if up to 3 teeth are missing. They work on jeans, jackets, boots, suitcases, and handbags, and on zips of any size. All you have to do is clip one on and zip. Real easy!


Features :

  • DURABLE & PRACTICAL - Universal Sizes. Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders, and up to 3 missing teeth. It fits for jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc.
  • A VARIETY SIZES OF ZIPS - Containing a variety of sizes of zips you are sure to find the perfect match to carry out a repair.
  • SAFE MATERIALS - Made of nylon plastic and stainless steel. BPA free and free from any other harmful and toxic chemicals.
  • MODERN DESIGN - Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward and backward. Easy to install. No tools required.


Specifications :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 30g
  • Size: 2x Small, 2x Medium, 2x Large


Package Includes :

  • 1pack (6pcs) x Fix Zip Puller


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