Luminous Nail Art Powder

Make your creativity to the next level!

Put it in the sunshine or the lamp and then it can shine in the dark. You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc.

With a unique night light-emitting effect, makes your nail awesome, fantastic and eye-catching, all the more showing your boundless glamour.

Nail Fluorescent powder makes your nails more beautiful in the dark. It is also a great gift to your friend who loves to make DIY! Making your nails sparkling and shining at any night out!

 The longer the light is charged, the longer the luminescence time is. You can take it under UV, LED, and sunlight to absorb light (the strong sun will be better), and shake the powder to make it absorb light.


  • Recommended for nail art decoration with nail polish, acrylic, etc.
  • Luminous powder, makes you nails shine in the dark or weak-lighted environment, pretty charming.
  • Thin and easy to apply.
  • Suitable for the usage of home and professional.
  • Applicable on Halloween makeup, COS makeup, creative makeup, etc.


  • Pattern: Finest
  • Colors: 12 Colors
  • Weight: 2G


  • Prepare your nails with a UV base coat.
  • Apply luminous nail powder onto your nails
  • Seal it with a clear topcoat.


  • 1 X 12 Colors Luminous Nail Art Powder Set
*The colors may be slightly different from the picture, Due to the angle and light, thank you for your kindly understanding.



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