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Ezy Angle Grinder To Grooving Machine Adapter

Turn your angle grinder into another useful machine without costing too much of your budget.



Avoid spending a sizeable chunk of your money on a new grooving tool when you can turn your angle grinder into one with the use of this adapter. Save valuable time and hard-earned money by simply purchasing an adapter that lets you do more for way less. Other professionals do it for their own benefits, so why aren’t you?

  • Get your hands on the cheapest grooving machine you can rely on
  • Save valuable space by turning one tool into two
  • Do more work using one tool you already have
  • Be impressed with its quality for the price

Working on your new project will now be a possibility without you spending a bag of money for a new grooving machine. With the help of thisAngle Grinder to Grooving Machine Adapteryou will have the ability to transform an already useful tool into something more.


Highlighted Features:

  • Expand the use of your angle grinder.
    This adapter fully transforms your angle grinder into a new tool you can now use to finally do more with your projects at home or during work.

  • A breeze to use.
    Switch in seconds as the threaded design of the adapter makes it super easy to turn your angle grinder into a grooving handheld machine.

  • Impressive compatibility.
    Our M10 adapter is suited for use on type 100 angle grinders and the M14 is suitable for type 125 to 230 angle grinders.

  • Remarkable durability.
    Made using premium quality metal, this adapter will be one of the most useful investments you’ll use for years and years to come.

  • An ideal present.
    Save someone the pain of finding out this adapter exists when they have already purchased a new grooving machine. Send it as a gift and let them know you care about the work they do.



  • Material: 100% metal

  • Weight: M10(154g) , M14(162g)

  • Height: M10(44.3mm) , M14(49mm)



Get more out of your current angle grinder using very little of your hard-earned money by getting yourself one of these adapters. Order today and start working on that new project you’ve postponed for so long because you’re missing one machine.

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