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Professional Temporary Hair Dye Comb(6 Pcs)

Testing new looks has never been easier, thanks to innovative forms of Temporary Hair Dye Comb. It's the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look with amazing colors and washes right out with your shampoo! So whether it's for a rocking day or a special night, Temporary Hair Dye Comb is instant glamorous fun just for you!

Works Great on Any Color Hair.


  • 6 BLENDABLE COLORS - It comes with 6 different colors(red, blue, green, yellow, purple & rose) that can be used alone, or easily blended together for a custom look

    • Get an Instant color upgrade:- works great on any color hair. withSmartly designed comb applicators you can color your Hairs in Minutes at home. No salon visit needed. Perfect for parties, clubbing, festivals, and fun cosplay.

      • Avoid long and Expensive hair Colouring Sessions at Salon:- No more long & Expensive visits to the salon deciding on which color to dye your hair. No longer are you restricted to choosing a color and having to stick with it for months.

      • UP TO 80 APPLICATIONS - Depending on how vibrant you want the color to be, our Temporary Hair Dye Comb can be used up to 80 times, allowing you to get more Value for your money.

      • Safe to use and Easy to Wash:Don’t let the worry of hair damage hold you back from letting your personality shine. Now you can change your hair color, or create amazing ombres and highlights easily without hurting or damaging your precious tips.our hair chalk is made from FDA approved ingredients, and is non-allergenic and water-soluble. Washes out in minutes with ordinary shampoo and water.

      • HAIR LOOKS SOFT AND FLOWING:-  even when you apply a lot of color. Apply color, then brush out your hair. It will be natural and full of body, never stiff or sticky. You will be proud of the way you look. Expect lots of compliments.

      How to Use:-

      Step 1: Spray a 1-inch section of hair with water. You don't need to soak the entire strand, just go as high up as you want the color to be.

       Step 2: Twist your hair, color on your hair with one of the hair chalks I recommend choosing about three colors and putting one at a time in your hair. Start with the lightest shade first, since as you can see, the color gets all over your gloves and you'll end up with a muddied version of the same hue throughout if you go dark to light.

       Step 3: Wait for your hair to air dry. This is the hardest part but a must for the HAIR CHALK to attach to your hair.

       Step 4: Using a curling or flat iron, go over each colored strand. This sets the colors in your hair, so it will last longer. Then brush and style however you normally would!


       See what others are saying:-


      "Fun summer hair! My daughter loved these, they are easy to apply, fun colors and come out with a good wash. All of her friends wanted theirs done."




      "Excellent! I am 56 and had my hair rainbow colored but the vibrant fun colors only lasted a month or so. My gray showed up particularly near my face so I now use these, dampened and out of the plastic frame, just held sideways in my hand, to add color which lasts a few days until I wash my hair. I try different color combinations and am having great fun every time. :)"



      "Way better than any hair chalk I have used! Wore to a concert and looked amazing. Stayed in all night and didn't stain the white pillowcase at the hotel. Came out fine in the shower."



      "Best product to use for all ages and hair colors works very well! Bought these for my 3 daughters.  This by far was the best product purchased and was super easy to use. Even my 6-year-old was able to do it by herself and didn't make a huge mess."



      "So fun! Bought these for my son, who's 5, for wacky hair day and these worked perfectly. He has brown hair and all colors showed up well. My 11-year-old daughter saw these and of course, I had to color some strands of her hair too. :)"



      "So much fun! We had a mini horse birthday party and the theme was Unicorns and Rainbows - this was just perfect! I will definitely order again."




      • Go to sleep after washing your hair in case of dyeing residue left on your pillow.
      • People who have skin allergies should use cautiously.
      • Pay attention to preservation. It should not be exposed to air after unsealing.
      • Keep away from babies and children to avoid being swallowed.
      • For Dark Hairs needs multiple times coating to achieve satisfactory result.


      One of the very best ways to stand out in a crowd and create your own unique look is to use bright coloring in your hair.

      Now you can add eye-catching colors to your hair in only minutes, and then easily wash it out when you want to try different colors or go back to your natural look.

      package include = 1 set (6 color and 1 Comb Applicator) Rainbow color hair chalk

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