Hair Growth Essence Oil

Don't just wait for your hair to grow, we'll help you grow it back 2 to 3 times faster!


PURE Hair Growth Essential Oil Serum For Hair Loss regrow edges and strengthen weak hair, get healthier follicles, effectively nourish hair roots, penetrate the scalp and strengthen the hair roots and achieve hair growth and solidification. Natural proprietary hair regrowing and strengthening formula. The nutrient component nourishes the capillary in time, it is thickened by capillary, and the hair root no longer falls off.

Suitable for hair loss, young and sparse hair, seborrheic alopecia and hair thinning. It can effectively penetrate the scalp and strengthens the hair roots within weeks of constant usage. Both men and women can use PURE HAIR GROWTH ESSENTIAL OIL SERUM.


Features :

  • GROW YOUR HAIR 2 TO 3 TIMES FASTER – It has unique and powerful herbal ingredients that promote hair’s rapid growth and nourishment. It penetrates deep into the roots of the hair that strengthens and nourishes every strand. 

  • REVITALIZES HAIR SCALP - A healthy scalp is a healthy hair! It is supposed to be treated in the same way that you take care of the skin on your face. Fast Hair Growth Serum has natural plant extract that revitalizes and makes the scalp healthy. 

  • STIMULATES HAIR FOLLICLES - Fast Hair Growth Serum has been proven to stimulate hair follicle which helps speed up hair growth. The essence of plant vitality penetrates into the wall of the hair follicle and injects hair growth power. 

  • REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR – In the modern age, extreme dye job and perms can severely cause damage to the hair. This hair serum helps repair the hair making it healthy and free from tangles. 

  • SAFE AND EASY TO APPLY - Fast Hair Growth Serum helps improve the health of your hair with no risk of side effects. It’s made of 100% safe to use ingredients, no stimulation, no silicone oil, and no paraben. It’s easy to apply as well. Simply mix 3 ml Fast Hair Growth Serum in 100 ml shampoo, lather and massage into the hair and scalp, then leave for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing out. 

  • Fast Hair Growth Serum is especially impressive in its ability to speed up hair growth.


Specifications :

  • Net weight: 20ml / 0.7 FL.OZ


Package Includes :

  • 1 bot x Hair Growth Essence Oil


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