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Hanging Fly and Bug Trap

The Most Efficient Way To Eliminate Flies

The all-new Hanging Fly Trap lures bugs within 25-yards and can hold up to 20,000 flies. It's perfect for indoors, your backyard, on farms or anywhere that you want flies to bug-off.

How To Use
  • Hang The Trap In The Area You Want Bug-Free
  • Put Fruit or Raw Meat In The Bottom Dish To Bait The Flies
It's that easy! Sit back and watch annoying bugs get trapped within hours, making any area of your home or yard bug-free effortlessly.  Bugs that become trapped will die in approximately 24 hours.

Empty the trap by using a bug control spray to kill the bugs, or grab the top of the trap and empty it in an area away from your home.

This trap specifically targets flies but can lure in mosquitoes, moths and other bugs

Product Information

Color: Green
Size: 28cm x 16cm

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