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Hidden Sound Recorder Pen

Only few people know that the voice recorder may be hidden in a pen. Technology miniaturisation allows to listen and records conversations without arousing any suspicions and record conversations with the equipment which seem to be harmless. Introducing, Hidden Sound Recorder Pen a high quality of recording, long range and easy operation allow to listening to the sounds in an office, home, class and etc.


  • Focus on high quality sound: Recorder adopts professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip ensuring high-qualified audio experience and one button recording and saving design, support you to catch lecture's words.
  • Voice activated recorder: Works even the device turns off. No more silent snippets or whisper in your recording now. Once voice detected, it records and saves automatically. 
  • Powerful feature: Recharge in 30 mins. Can continue recording for 38 hours.
  • Multi-functional: Voice recorder not only designed with music player, but also support writing.The simple one button operation and high-quality recording make it the best choice for lecturing, meetings, interviews, speeches and etc.
  • Unique & Smooth: Beautiful shape. High-grade zinc alloy lends the recorder its high quality, sturdy protection. Enjoy recording in every occasion and don't worry the recorder will get damaged.

1 x Hidden Sound Recorder Pen

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