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Home Gym Bundle

Getting into better shape has never been easier or more fun! Our system provides a full body workout from the comfort of your home. No more crowded gyms and costly gym memberships. Our versatile exercise ball, stability base and resistance bands, allow you to perform over 100 full body workouts whenever and wherever you want. Shoulders, legs, biceps, back, abdominals, chest, triceps — the Home Gym Bundle can exercise every muscle group, and it takes up minimal space.

Bundle includes:

  • 65 CM Exercise Ball (weight limit 600 lbs.)
  • Set of 2 15 lb. resistance bands
  • Stability Base
  • Exercise Poster
  • Pump

Fitness from home

This bundle is specifically designed to give you a full-body workout with over 100+ exercises that strengthen your core & back, while also toning your upper & lower body. All from the comfort of home.


Not only great for yoga, pilates and upper/lower body training; it's ideal for pregnancy and physical therapy exercises too. Can be used as an office ball chair to fix your posture & reduce back pain while you are working on the computer.


Portable and light weight. It is easy to store and easy to transport. Great for at home or in a group exercise. The entire set weights under 5 lbs, takes minutes to set up, and can be easily stored under your bed, in a drawer or cabinet.

Improve your strength and flexibility with this combination exercise ball + stability base + resistance bands.

Two 15 LB resistance bands attach to the stability base and transform the exercise ball into a full body fitness system that is low impact and perfect for all fitness levels. The stability base provides support to eliminate unwanted wobble during multi-joint exercises.









For all fitness levels.

Whether you're just starting out, or if you have spent a lifetime in the gym, the Home Gym Bundle will give you a great workout. The bundle includes a pair of 15 lb. resistance bands, and when you are ready to take it up-a-notch, we also offer increased 20lb. and 25 lb. resistance bands.

This exercise ball with resistance bands is not sold in stores.

We have proudly shipped the Home Gym Bundle to over 150,000 customers and counting, providing free shipping and affordable pricing to all. We stand behind the quality of our products, and are so pleased we can offer the ability to stay in shape to everyone of all fitness levels.

Workout with stability.

Otherwise known as a balance ball holder, this ring keeps your ball from moving while you do your core exercises and balance training. Do your isolations exercises without any fear of the exercise ball slipping away from you.

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