Instant Fabric Rust Remover

Eliminate Unsightly Rust Stains From Fabrics!


Remove annoying rust stains on bags, shirts, and any fabric easily.

When simple laundering doesn't work on stubborn rust stains, turn to Instant Fabric Rust Remover - the knock-out formula for stubborn rust stains. 


Features :

  • INSTANT REMOVAL OF RUST STAINS – It only takes a matter of 3 seconds to solve any of your rust stain related problems! Simply apply this superior cleaning agent on the stained area then rinse thoroughly. Notice the rust stain instantly fades without a trace.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY  Made from ALL-NATURAL organic surfactant This Instant Fabric Rust Remover is specifically formulated for the treatment of rust stains.
  • EASY APPLICATION PROCESS - Simply apply Instant Fabric Rust Remover on the stained area then rinse thoroughly. It penetrates and emulsifies rust stains that regular washing often leaves behind.
  • ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT - It has advanced rust decomposition technology making it more powerful by quickly decomposing the stains.
  • SAFE TO USE - It is proven safe and mild on the skin. It also has no adverse effect on fabric yet tough on rust stains.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE - Works safely on ALL types of fabrics and leather. Instantly remove rust stains on your clothes or bags with the Instant Fabric Rust Stain Remover!  


Specifications :

  • Ingredients: Inorganic acid, Organic acid, Corrosion inhibitor, Penetrant, surfactant, Deionized water 
  • Net Content: 50 ml.


Package Includes :

  • 1 pc x Instant Fabric Rust Remover


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