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LED Rose Tree Lamp

Bring a romantic vibe into any room with this delicately crafted rose tree!


If you want to achieve an intimate vibe for your room our Glow Rose Lamp can make that magic happen. Our Rose lamp instantly elevates your home's scenery to a romantic and blissful setting. Its elegant appeal can convert even the gloomiest part of your home to a beautiful space, making it ideal for any heartfelt gathering. This elegant piece can be used as a bedroom nightlight, dinner table mood-setter, or a magical children's room. 


Features :

  • Vibrant And Welcoming : The LED Flower Lamp is a wonderful decoration for home, it not only has beautiful color and a majestic look , but also makes the room seem more vibrant and welcoming.

  • Shape It And Follow Your Idea : You can twist and shape every branch on the tree to design the position of your lovely rose tree lamp, injecting your personal style into the table lamp.  

  • High Quality Lamp : The Rose Lamp is composed of 108 LED copper wire string lights, touch sensor switches, ABS bases, and artificial branches. The LED bulbs will not generate heat for a long time, allowing you to decorate your home safely and the way you like.

  • USB and Battery Powered : Each tree can be powered by batteries or by a USB cord, making it the perfect bedside ornament to balance out your room.


Specifications : 

  • Rose diameter: D60mm
  • Material: PP resin
  • Light color: warm white
  • Height: 45cm


Package Includes :

  • 1 x LED Rose Tree Lamp


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