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Men's Anti-Theft CrossBody Bag

Keeps your belongings safe with this Anti-theft Bag.


We all leave our house with millions of things in our hands and later in the day find ourselves looking for our keys, phone, or wallet. A simple fix would be to have a convenient and safe place to store your belongings when you're on the go! 

The Men's Anti-Theft CrossBody Bag is a high-quality, waterproof bag that has multiple compartments to store your most important items while keeping them dry at the same time. This stylish bag is perfect for traveling as it also includes a USB charging port so you never run out of battery!


Features :

  •  High-quality waterproof bag: You can feel safe when wearing your Men's Anti-Theft CrossBody Bag because of the waterproof and slick design. It will keep your tech items dry and safe from any thieves at the same time. Try it for yourself and watch the water slip right off of the bag.
  •  Portable USB Charging Port: includes a portable USB charging port to ensure your device never runs out of battery. During emergency situations, you have a safe place to charge your devices right at your disposal. 
  • ✅ Multiple Compartments: contains multiple pockets to fit: your phone, keys, iPad mini, cables, cameras, and even a water bottle. This is a versatile backpack that is useful for work, trips, hikes, but is also very stylish and just the right-size!
  • ✅ Anti-theft design: Ensures your items are safe while you travel anywhere you go with the padlock design. It is practical and easy to use so that you do not waste time trying to open it up.  
  • Especially, on those rainy days where you have to leave quickly, now you have a great product that will  minimize your problems! This lightweight and comfortable design is the perfect combination of a bag for taking on your long days! 


Specifications :

  • Main Material: Oxford
  • Lining Material: Polyester


Package Includes :

  • 1 x Men's Anti-Theft CrossBody Bag


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