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Mintiml Dust Wizard


Conventional mops pick up dirty water and you end up cleaning your floors with it. The revolutionary self-cleaning Dust Wizardwashes and dries your mop pad so you clean your floor with a clean mop every single time!

No more changing mop pads when dirty. No more bending over to wring dirty water out of your smelly string mop. This quick and easy all in one mop system allows you to wash, rinse and dry all at the same time. Your hands never have to touch the mop to clean or wring it!

Simply insert the flat mop into the wash side to rinse the mop pad of dirt and debris. Repeat the same motion on the dry side to achieve the perfect dampness for wet mopping. The attached lid does all the hands-free cleaning for you while preventing splashes. Most mop buckets are bulky and heavy when filled. Our compact design makes storage and transport easy and features a handle and two drain plugs for hassle-free drainage.


  • EASY WASHING EASY DRYING. Our revolutionary self-cleaning system makes sure that the dirt from your floor is lifted away and never comes back. Less work-intensive than a spin mop or spray mop, and drastically reduce chemical and water use while cleaning more effectively.
  • ADJUSTABLE FLAT MOP. Mop every corner or hard reach area using this flat mop that can adjust 180 or 360 degrees effortlessly. Slim low moping pad allows you to lay flat so you can effectively clean under furniture and other tight spaces.
  • FEATURES SPLASH GUARD to keep splash and spray inside bucket when wringing.
  • MICROFIBER MOPPING PAD  Absorb 10 times its weight in liquid so mopping up spills has never been easier. Microfiber details function like magnet expert in collect fine particles such as dust, hair, and fur.
  • DURABILITY. Made from durable PVC and stainless steel material that easy to assemble and reusable in a long duration. Space-saving function when you disassemble it for storage purpose. 

  • Squeezy mop effectively gathers and holds dust, grit, and grime. In addition, microfiber resists staining, so your mop continues to look fresh. 
  • The mop head 360° rotatable from a great maneuverability and allows you to clean under furniture lower. 
  • Features splash guard to keep splash and spray inside bucket when wringing. 
  • Great for cleaning any surface including hardwood, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, and more. 

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Mop
    • 1 x Bucket
    • 4 x Professional Microfiber mop head

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