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Neck Cervical Traction Device

About the product
【Scientific Way to Relief Neck Pain】A smart, simple, scientific way for neck pain relief. Only 10 minutes a day after work to relief your neck and shoulder pain. It has been proved.
【Easy to use】Wrap around door handle, close the door and pull tight the hammock, then lie down and relax. It can be used virtually anywhere you are including your home, a hotel room or even at the office
【Adjustable】The new generation ergonomic neck hammock is designed in an adjustable way. The independent designed paddings can be replaced on every place of the hammock. Everyone, no matter young

Product description
Your Desk Job is Killing Your Neck! Here is A Wonderful Way to Fix It!
The Hammock for Neck - The BEST Method for Neck Relief

Eliminate pain
Relieve stress
Boost energy
Improve sleep quality
Promote proper alignment
Improve posture

Package include:
1* Hammock for Neck
1* Storage BagPU---1-



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