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No-Tie Lazy Shoelaces(Pack of 2)

Taking too long to tie your shoelaces? Here are the LAZIEST SHOELACES turning your sneakers into slip-on & no-tie shoes!

Simply replace your shoelaces with No-Tie Lazy Shoelaces, you’ll never worry about your shoes coming untied again! 

You'll find comfort with these highly stretchable shoelaces - It alleviates pressure points and providing a snug, comfortable fit while conveniently allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease within a second!



  • No-tie Lacing System
    Turn any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-on sneakers after tying once.
  • No more Loosen Shoelace
    Prevents from tripping over by untied shoelaces when walking or running.
  • Ultra Flexible
    Elastic shoelaces conform to your foot for a custom fit.

  • Comfortable to wear
    Added compression reduces pressure points to make your feet feel better throughout the day.
  • One size fits all (kids and adults).
  • Ideal for seniors suffering from arthritis or other disabilities, kids, professional runners or casual users.


  1. Lace up your shoes as normal.
  2. Put metal lace capsules on shoelaces and knot shoelaces.
  3. Trim both ends of the shoelaces. (Leave ~1cm)
  4. Twist to connect the metal lace capsules.


  • Length: ~105cm
  • Diameter: 0.5cm
  • Color: White, Neon, Pink, Orange, Blue, Black


  • 2 x shoelaces
  • 2 x Metal lace heads
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