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Premium Hair Chalk Brush

One of the very best ways to stand out in a crowd and create your own unique look is to use bright coloring in your hair.

Now you can add eye-catching colors to your hair in only minutes, and then easily wash it out when you want to try different colors or go back to your natural look.

  • 6 Bright and Vibrant Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, rose. Use one or several; use them individually or mix and blend colors. Hair chalk can be applied easily to hair of light color.
  • Change your hair color in minutes:the comb applicators make it quick and easy to put dazzling colors into your hair, creating a beautiful and unique look for yourself,also great for parties, clubbing, festivals, cosplay.
  • Safe to use and easy to wash out:our hair chalk is made from FDA approved ingredients, and is non-allergenic and water-soluble. Washes out in minutes with ordinary shampoo and water.
  • Your hair will look soft and flowing:even when you apply a lot of color. Once you brush it out, your hair will be supple and natural, not stiff and sticky.




  • Go to sleep after washing your hair in case of dyeing residue left on your pillow.
  • People who have skin allergies should use cautiously.
  • Pay attention to preservation. It should not be exposed to air after unsealing.
  • Keep away from babies and children to avoid being swallowed.
  • It will be harder to achieve bright color on dark hair. So you might need to brush a few more times to get a better result.


  •  The "Easy-on, easy-off" feature of  hair chalk is great for women (and men) who like changing their look often, or who want to do something flashy with their hair on the weekend but have to go back to a "respectable" look on Monday.
  • You can use it for parties, fancy dress shows, cosplay, theater, halloween, girl's night out or just for having fun. As the paint is temporary, you can change your hair color whenever and wherever you want!

1 set (6 count) Rainbow color hair chalk, 1 × Rubber Bands, 1 × Sealed Bags, 2 × Diaposable Cape&Glove

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