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Reciprocating Saw Drill Attachment

Why spend more if you can convert your power drill to a useful reciprocating saw? Introducing Reciprocating Saw Drill Attachment, the conversion tool that allows you to turn your power drill to a compact and useful reciprocating saw. The Reciprocating Saw Drill Attachment has a compact design that maximizes user control for access in tight spaces. Its comes with 3 different saw blades (plastic, wood and metal) and a metal file to allow precision performance that's right for each job.

To switch the saw blades, kindly unscrew the Allen screw and change to another saw blade. Each saw blades comes with it's own function, select the saw blade according to your task. The Reciprocating Saw Drill Attachment can be used with any power drill no matter it is cordless drill or normal plug drill.


  • Suitable for electric drill speed above 2000rpm.
  • For cutting thick wood, please use high speed drill (3000rpm).
Package Includes:
1 X Reciprocating Saw Drill Attachment
1 X Reciprocating Saw Blade
1 X Reciprocating Woodworking Saw Blade
1 X Jig Saw Woodworking Saw Blade
1 X Metal File

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