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Tug Of War Strap

Tug Of War Strap will help you achieve your athletic goals. Increase resistance overtime as your build more muscle. The comfortable and secure weight belt won’t slip as you improve the angle and speed of your sprint. Get one pair of those and challenge with your friends!

Build explosive leg drive out of the blocks with the Tug Of War Strap. Attach to different weight allows you to strengthen your lower body muscles by resistance training, similar to metal sleds. Practice exploding from a set position, improve your dash time, and increase overall speed. With removable weights, the Tug Of War Strap allows you to adjust the towing resistance. You can also use the handles on the bags to perform various upper and lower body exercises such as lunges or front raises.


  • BUILD STRENGTH AND SPEED: Develop explosive power yourself or versus with your friends. Improve dash times, overall speed, and lower body muscle strength with this adjustable weight sled trainer for serious athletes.
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE: Use it for sprinting, backpedaling, and shuffling to increase mobility and agility in any direction. This training sled will give you the power and speed you’re looking for.
  • VERSUS WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Compete with your friends with this strap, enjoy the fun as this straps are able to entertain you for hours.
  • INVEST IN YOUR GOALS: Investing in sports equipment means investing in your training and athletic goals. Find the power in your stride, sprint, and distance as you use the Tug Of War Strap to push yourself and meet your goals.


Package Includes: 1 x Tug Of War Strap

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