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Re-usable Diaper Pants

Light blue


  • For Male and Females of All Ages
  • One Size Fits All.Small To 4XL
  • Improved Adjustable Size Buttons for added security and an underwear-like fit, cloth-like material provides comfort that feels like real underwear
  • New sizing for better comfort,best fit guaranteed
  • Confidence inner Cloth  Technology provides dry, comfortable protection for incontinence, bladder  leakage mild to moderate. 
  • Maximum absorbency, Reusable and washable inner-pad.
  • Form-fitting ANH strands offer a smooth, comfortable fit that is more flexible† to move with you unlike bulky adult diapers †vs. leading bargain brand
  • Leak-proof
  • Air Permeable= No Redness,Rashes or itching.
  • Re-usable = Just Change inner cloth diaper.
  • Re-usable = Saves  Money on Buying  New Diapers Every Month.



Q.sandra: anyone used it! Does this really works?

Ans.: Sophia: yes, these are like an underwear with diaper pads inside.i Bought 8 pieces and usually they are enough for a week.my husband have moderate urinary incontinence issue because of Prostate Enlagement.he takes one in his bag when he travels and i do laundry on every 3 to 4 days..using these Diaper Pants from almost 6 months & they are really leak-proof and a big money saver.

Q.pooja: Can These Fits XXXL.

Ans: Yes, this Diapers have tucked buttons All over it so you can Adjust the size Small to 4xl As you wish.

Q.Josef: whats the use of inner charcoal bamboo pads?

Ans: these pads are made of bamboo(anti_bacterial),charcoal(adsorbs Odor and anti-bacterial) fibers. inner pads stops the bad Odor and also stops bacteria to grow and cause itching.

Q. How Many Should i Buy To Test this product?

Ans: 3 pieces(with 20% Discount) is a good deal to try with.



    Wearable Like an Underwear



    No Skin Sweating or itching.






    Fits All Sizes


    We Will send you "2 Re-usable Diaper pads,  made of 5 Layers of Bamboo Fiber" for FREE  👇👇


    Note: This Product Not Available in Stores

    Due to High Demand please Allow us the time Of 2 to 3 Weeks to Deliver  The Product.

    Estimated Delivery time :

    USA                   :12-25 Days
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    AUSTRALIA      : 12-25 Days
    INDIA                 : 18-30 Days
    HONG KONG    : 15-25 Days
    JAPAN               : 13-20 Days
    SWEDEN           : 15-25 Days
    SINGAPORE     : 15-25 Days
    ASIA/ EUROPE  : 2-5 Weeks

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