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Foot Scrubber with Built-In Pumice Stone

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Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber has suction cups that attach to smooth shower floors and is designed to clean your entire foot including in between toes, arch, heel, sides and top of the foot. Great for everyday foot care, especially when you have difficulty reaching your feet or have a condition requiring special foot care. In addition to thorough cleaning, the sandal provides a gentle, comforting massage while alleviating the need to bend. The shower sandal makes it easy to clean and maintain excellent foot hygiene.Clean between your toes with ease

  • EASY TO USE COMPLETE FOOT CARE: Providing complete foot care, the foot scrubber cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates and massages your feet. Simple to use, the ergonomic foot scrubber securely attaches to the bottom of any tub or shower with the strong suction cup base. Used with soap or shampoo, the foot scrubber is antimicrobial and includes a hanger hole for storage between uses. Perfect for anyone with diabetes, arthritis, hip, knee or back pain, as well as pregnant women and athletes.
  • DUAL BRISTLES FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: Stiff bristles line the outside of the foot scrubber, perfect for smoothing rough skin and calluses. The softer inner bristles are contoured to gently cleanse and massage the tender soles and clean between the toes. The scrubber stimulates circulation, rejuvenating tired and aching feet.
  • FOR USE IN SHOWER OR BATHTUB: Strong suction cup base allows the foot scrubber to easily be attached to the floor of any shower stall or bathtub. Great for those with back, hip or knee problems.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL AND LATEX-FREE: Resistant to mold and mildew, the foot scrubber is antimicrobial and latex-free. A convenient hanger hole allows the foot scrubber to easily hang to dry between uses.

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