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silicone Magic Hair Rollers

  • The principle of the curler is to fix the shape by curling the hair in a certain period of time so as to obtain temporary curls. So, when you have a lot of hair, please use it every time, reduce the amount of hair involved, so as to achieve better results. If your hair is hard, it is recommended that you add curly agents under the guidance of barbers. Otherwise your test may fail because hard hair is too difficult to deform and curl up.
  • Package: 20 pack large size hair curlers and 20 pack small size hair curlers, color: blue as shown in the pictures.The material is high quality medical-grade soft silicone, hypoallergenic, odorless and non-slip.
  • Since the hair care rollers are made of high quality soft silicone, no hurt for your healthy hair, no pins, clips, electricity or heat required, this hair care rollers can grasp you hair tightly, and cover your hair totally, to create beautiful natural beach wave styles.
  • It is washable and light weight, very easy to clean and store, can be reused for many time, so practical and economical.It is very comfortable for using and can keep the curling style for a long time. Suitable for any types and textures hair.
  • If you feel dissatisfied after the receipt of the goods, please contact us in time and we will help you to solve it perfectly.

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