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Space saving Magic hanger

Make room for more of your clothes inside the closet without the hefty price tag of another furniture for storage.

            Never have to squeeze your way through your clothes again just to get the piece of garment you wanted to wear to complete an outfit. This simple and super affordable organizing tool will help you make room for more clothes without the hassle of spending hours trying to find that top you haven’t worn in a while.

  • Conveniently find a piece of clothing inside your closet
  • Keep your clothes organized while saving more space
  • Save that money you might have spent on another drawer
  • Maximize the space you have inside the closet

Get more for less! This  Adjustable Space Saving Closet Hanger  allows you to store up to five different pants while only taking up a space of one. All you have to do is hang each piece of clothing on one rod and collapse it flat to make more room for other garments.


  • Made to endure.
    From five light trousers to five heavy denims, this organizer is built to carry a reasonable amount of weight as it’s made with high quality stainless steel rods and ABS plastic.

  • Create more room for clothes in seconds.
    Using one swift move, you’ll make so much more room for clothes with this adjustable multi-functional hanger.

  • Zero worry of making a mess.
    Two sturdy hooks distribute the weight equally, while the non-slip caps keep the clothes in place, so you won’t have to come home to a messy closet.

  • Travel friendly.
    Small enough to fit your suitcase, this hanger can be folded flat so you can take it with you in hotel rooms where there are not enough hangers for all your clothes.

  • Impressive versatility.
    Perfect for pants, scarves, and belts, you’ll love having more than one of these inside your closet.


  • Color: Silver with white
  • Material: Stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Size: Five 12.9in rods in each hanger

Stop making more space inside your closet by squeezing everything and start making the smart choice of investing in this multi-functional hanger. Order today and finally feel the satisfaction of finding a solution that actually benefits you.

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