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Multi-function Digital Angle Finder

Makes Measuring Any Angle Quick & Easy!


The Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder blends the robustness of analog rulers with modern technology's accuracy & precision. It measures both length and angle with an accuracy of ±0.3°. 

Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder is an all in one function that makes you work with efficiency and comfort. It is a good choice for family DIY projects, woodworking, decoration, and machining. 


Features :

  • LIGHT AND DURABLE: The Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder is lightweight, made of super-strong nylon glass fiber with decent rigidity, wear-resistance, and not easy to deform.


  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder comes with a lock button that makes an angle in any location easy to lock. It also has a unit conversion, data retention, reset, and automatic off feature.


  • 360 DEGREE: In the range of 0 to 360 degrees, the Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder feature to lock the data and measures precise inclines in degree or mm/m (up to 100mm/m).


  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY: This Multi-Function Digital Angle Finder is fitted with a wide LCD full-screen display that is easy to control, easy to calculate, and easy to read with only three press-buttons.


Specifications :

  • Material:nylon glass fiber siege material
  • Color:red and black
  • Battery:CR2032 3V (not included)
  • High resolution:0.05 ° / 3 ’
  • Accuracy:0.5 °
  • Scale length:20cm/ 7.86inch
  • Testing angle arrange: 0-360 degree
  • Length:30cm/ 11.79inch
  • Weight:110g/ 3.88oz

Package Includes :

  • 1 pc x Multi-function Digital Angle Finder


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