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Universal Range Hood Paper Filter

Say goodbye to greasy kitchen cleaning and keep your range hood oil-free!



Crafted in highly-absorbing woven cotton, Universal Range Hood Paper Filter absorbs grease, oil and dirt on range hood easily, which prevents lampblack build-up in your range hood, as well as saving time from the tedious cleaning process!

  • No more tedious range hood cleaning
  • Mess-free kitchen environment
  • Absorbs grease, oil, dirt in seconds
  • Prevents lampblack build-up
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Time-saving and effortless
  • Cuttable and flexible for any shape & size


With excellent filtering performance, the suction power remains incredibly strong, thanks to the breathable texture that allows normal airflow. Widely applicable to range hood of any size and shape. Simply change a new filter after use.


Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-Smoke Paper Filters. 
    The filter for extractor hoods can be changed easily and regularly.

  • Filter Cotton. 
    These eco-friendly paper filters will not pollute the environment.

  • Oil-Proof Paper. 
    They are flame-retardant thus ensures safety of walls when cooking.

  • It also comes with strong adhesives that secure it in place. Simple to use and a very convenient grease filter paper.

  • Absorbent and easy to wash filter membrane that has a large oil filter capacity that can keep your range hood clean for a long time!

  • Universal design for ALL range hoods and easy to replace in just seconds. The cutting process is smooth, and you can freely cut the specifications you want!


  • Material: Non-woven Fabric

  • Size: 43 x 70 cm

  • Quantity : 6pcs/pack


So what else are you waiting for? Order Today and have a CLEAN and NEAT kitchen environment with the help of this Universal Range Hood Grease Filter Paper!

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