Waterproof Beach Mat

Enjoy your Waterproof & Sand-Free Beach Mat! No more towels full of sand!

Now you can stop being frustrated with sand sticking to your body and getting into your food and other belongings with Sand Free Beach Mat

Designed to place table and chairs on in a camping or picnic setting and lay a towel in the center while at the beach creating a Sand Free barrier.

Enjoy this truly unique benefit constructed within a well-made and stylishly designed rug!

The Waterproof Sand-Free Beach Mat features a dual-layer mesh technology consisting of a top layer that allows particles to pass through it ad a bottom layer that prevents sand beneath it from rising up.


  • Sand & Moist proof: No more sitting on random debris on our mat or getting your bum wet from water exposure on our mats!
  • Built to last: Made with PVC, our mat is made with specially woven polyurethane that instantly filters sand & water back to the ground the moment they touch the mat.

  • Going out is fun again: This mat is a good way to advocate people to go out and enjoy the outdoors more. No longer do we need to worry about resting on the dirty ground.


  • Fast Day & Waterproof Beach Blanket Made of durable, lightweight and breathable 100% PARACHUTE nylon ,this beach blanket will fast dry and WATER PROOF.Outdoor beach mat is Water Resistant Top (Polyester) & Waterproof Bottom (PVC).
  • Family Size The beach blanket is 79" X 55", which can easily accommodate up to 4-6 people,Perfect size for enjoying beach time with a group of friends or family.

  • 1* Carry Bag & 4 *Anchor Stakes  One carry bag with BUCKLES and 4 *Anchor Stakes,Our beach blanket designed offers plenty of places to put your valuables including a pocket with buckles to store your phone, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen or other beach gears.
  • Multi-Purpose Our sand free beach blanket is great for beaches, picnics, parks, family trips, sports events, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, fishing, other occasions and outdoor activty.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Blanket
  • 4 * Ground nail
  • 1 * Storage Sack

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