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ZipFresh Reusable Bags

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Save a lot of space in your pantry while keeping food fresh until they run out.



Deceptive packaging is a normal thing that we have to deal with as consumers and it’s taking way too much space from our pantry than we realize. Imagine having the ability to save all that wasted space while still keeping your food fresh for days or weeks until they are all out.

  • Use more of your pantry space
  • Keep things neat and organized
  • Seal in the freshness of the contents
  • Minimize the risk of contaminated or spoiled food

By simply transferring your food into these reusable bags, you are increasing the chances of the food to stay fresh and clean. These ZipFresh Reusable Bags allow you to keep pantry food fresh while saving you a lot of space that you would normally sacrifice because of large packaging.


Highlighted Features:

  • Seal freshness in.
    The airtight closure of each bag allows no air to go in and out of these reusable bags, keeping the contents fresh.

  • Zero confusion.
    The window on each bag is large enough for you to tell what the contents are or if it’s time for you to refill them. This is super useful when you’re the type of person who takes food outside the house on trips.

  • Minimize single-use plastic consumption.
    Contribute to the effort of saving the planet by using reusable bags instead of buying wraps or bags that you normally throw away after one use.

  • Resistant to extreme temperatures.
    Put them inside the freezer or reheat the contents inside with a microwave and be awed that they can withstand such extreme temperatures.

  • Save a ton of space.
    As each bag is flat, you’ll make more space for more food in your pantry while keeping it looking neat and organized all the time.


  • Non-toxic

  • BPA-free

  • Sizes: S(15x11cm) M(19.5x14cm) L(24.3x17cm) XL(31.5cmx10.5cm)

  • Capacity: S(150ml) M(500ml) L(1000ml) XL(500ml)

Make the smarter switch today and start saving valuable pantry space and hard-earned money with these reusable bags. Order a set today and experience the difference it will make in your day-to-day life.



By ordering your ZipFresh Reusable Bags15-pack today you will get 5 EXTRA BAGS COMPLETELY FOR FREE!
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